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Welcome to the NEW WoodsOnline!


Please note: You will only be able to log in to the new D2L once you have been enrolled in a class within it.

“Which version of D2L do I want?”

If you were added to a class before July 27th, 2014, OR if you have been told that you have a class in an "old-format" course, that class will be in the ORIGINAL system. You can access it here:  WoodsOnline Original.


For all classes to which you are added after July 27th, 2014, you will need to use the NEW system. Your normal existing login information will work in new D2L after you have been added to a class that uses it.

You will get an email when you are added to classes in the new system, so if you haven’t received an email since July 27 notifying you that you have been enrolled in a D2L class, you will not be able to log in to new D2L. When you get such an email, you need to click THIS Link: The NEW WoodsOnline.

Expected Dates for Account Activation in the new system, on or about:
Graduate Student Programs - July 27th
Distance UNDERGRAD Programs - August 10th
Campus Student Programs - August 15th
Original Site:
Original D2L
Over the next couple of months, all NEW course enrollments will be on the new system, this page will be replaced. Your account will be created as soon as your classes are ready to begin as well.

We are really excited about the change, and the enhancements it allows us to offer you.

Remember, as always, if you have any questions, about this change, you can contact the helpdesk.
New Site: